S N Nayar
Mr. S. N. Nayar (M.A. B.ED.) is the director of the school. He is a retired post graduate teacher from Delhi. His ability to work all the time defines his personality as "A young old man". He is full of vigor, vitality and love for the kids.
Ginni Nayar
Mrs. Ginni Nayar (M.Com., B.ED., N.T.T.) is the principal of the school. She is a young entrepreneur with innovative ideas for the all round development of children keeping in face with the changing environment. She always encourages the students to speak and talk in English.

Apart from the school she is also in the business of School Uniform. She is running the retail show room of schools uniform i.e. "S.S. School Uniforms". You can get the uniforms, belts, tags, shoes, socks and bags for every school. The showroom is adjacent to the school building i.e. 145-B, New Colony, Gurgaon.